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Living Loz
Now, of course, I am singing a song by Heart... 
17th-Jul-2012 11:21 pm
Are there any scenes in television shows/movies/books&stories/fanfic/fanart/fanvids that haunt you even in mere suggestion?

F'rinstance, I only need to read some words once said by a character in Serenity and I find I want to curl up into a ball and cry. I'm always gutted.

I can't listen to the gorgeous Israel Kamakawiwoʻole version of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', or, no joke, I actually do cry. Tears! In a similar vein, I now have a weirdly huge kink for characters saying thank you to each other and always smile when they do so earnestly. It generally doesn't matter which characters, anymore.

Whenever I listen to 'Alone' by Heart, my face splits into the widest grin because of one outstanding Merlin vid.

Have certain scenes or moments stuck with you throughout the years? What do you think it is in particular about them that stayed with you?
17th-Jul-2012 03:59 pm (UTC)
I know the exact phrase in serenity you mean, if someone says it I get really mopey for days on end.

In Third Star the main character talks about how all his dreams have come to nothing and his friend says "I don't know what to say to that. This is nice though". I often say 'this is nice though' and as soon as I've accidentally said it the whole film goes through my head and I feel really empty and cold.

A fun one me and my sister have is whenever my Mum says 'I'm doing it for you' or we have to do something for her we both yell in the voice of Nuku from the lion king 2(which is a pretty creepy voice) 'I'M DOING IT FOR YOU MOTHER, AND IM DOING IT FOR ME'

I find it quite difficult to keep up a conversation when there are lots of phrases that link me back to a film or tv program as I expect the person who said it to go fully in to the dialogue of the film and when they don't I find it difficult to get back on track.

I don't get as emotional as you do over songs, but I generally like a song better if its connected to a music video or film that I like.
18th-Jul-2012 09:44 am (UTC)
Yeah. It's just always such an "OH NO, WHY NO?" memory for me. And I have felt that sorrow at the moment before --- Whedon has a tendency to do that to me a lot and I don't trust him so much anymore, but, damn, that one sticks with me.

A++++ Lion King 2 reference. My brother and I reference at one another all the time, and yeah, it's always sad when other people don't follow.

Music is my life in so many ways.
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