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Living Loz
I actually clapped when I realised Teen Wolf would be waiting once I got home... 
17th-Jul-2012 05:58 pm
LoM Neckless Gene Tired
Liveblogging Teen Wolf 2.08.

Okay, so, so far? Kind of fucking adoring The Stilinskis - Crime Fighting Duo.

Totally thought Stiles would see a picture of Derek in the year book and was really disappointed he didn't (but would he have been class of 2007?) (I imagined it being of him looking off to the side, so no eyeflash.)

I really think Colton does transfixed murderous Jackson well.

Papa Argent is only slightly less crazycakes and marginally more reasonable than the rest of his family. That slightly and marginally are maybe not quite what I need to convey.

Derek spoke in the third person!

taurenova has me loving Derek's unfortunate face. His expressions are pretty amazing, though.

Deaton is always kind of epic.


Oh my. One of my favourite songs. About to make me cry.

MY HEART. THIS FUCKING SHOW. (Anyone who says Dylan can't act because he's only playing himself do not think of these scenes. And yes, apparently people say this, wth?) This is just --- GAH. Gah.

I love Scott even when he's being a douche.

OH. NICE MOMENT. Someone showing Isaac a measure of kindness.


Threesome moment. Sadly short-lived.

Isaac, you rockstar.

Browder!clone is cute. Shame I still don't trust him.

Derek went to save Scott! Such a good thing Mama Argent didn't take him very far.



I totally thought Papa Argent was going to snap Mama Argent's neck. (Uhm, I rewatched twice, and didn't see Derek get anywhere near her to bite her.)


17th-Jul-2012 10:11 am (UTC)
Yay! Hoechlin's unfortunate face! (But, I mean, come on. You have to admit there's been nothing at all unfortunate about his face in all the Geekmas photos. Fnarr.)

I loved Stiles' dad giving in and working with Stiles! I just wish he got to have a first name. And because of VMars my first instinct on him losing his job was 'just become a PI!' But, oh! my heart and Dylan's little face. <3Stilinksis<3

(I do think that Daddy Mars and Papa Stilinski have got a lot in common. Someone should write them sharing a beer some time.)

I still think Papa Argent remains the sanest of non-Allison Argents. (that may change now) I love that he clearly has a raft of issues with his Dad's behaviour and methods. I mean. He even calls him by his first name - which is a standard distancing technique in an adult.

(And I also love his face a lot because he's Martouf! Always Martouf!)

All the stuff around the rave was just amazing - particularly Scott worrying about Isaac and Isaac not knowing what to do with that, the little threesome moment, Erica grabbing Stiles' hand to pull him out of the room when Jackson started to turn, those three working together in general, Derek & Boyd against the hunters (and Derek being a responsible alpha and sending Boyd away) because fuck me that fighting was awesome, Stiles' joy at doing something (particularly after the moment with his Dad), Derek's face when he was briefly separated from his pack by the ash (and also that brief crane shot of Stiles on one side of the line and Derek on the other and symbolism of Stiles being able to cross it and Derek not). ALL OF IT.

I also love that we've transitioned straight into Deaton being a helpful, yet mysterious, badass. I'm wondering if the guidance counsellor is meant to be related to him, that'd be cool.

Also Derek's thank you - I want to say that's the beginning of him sorting his shit out and humbling himself, but given how folk have talked about Derek's hubris laying him seriously low at some point I don't think we're yet done with Big Bad Alpha Derek.

So good. Practically worth the just over 3 hours sleep I got because of it.

ETA: Because I've just been reminded of it by a .gif! When Stiles breaks the line Derek sort of leaps over him, pushing him back. Because he's still, always, instinctively protecting Stiles - even when the action is pointless.

You almost get the feeling that it cost him a lot sending Stiles into the rave with just Erica and Isaac, really, between him and the kanima. He knew Scott would be busy.

Also: I also loved that Erica was a lot more subdued, in this episode. Which is to be expected after last episode and is thus and excellent piece of continuity. Still sexy and confident, just now afraid of what the kanima is and can do.

Edited at 2012-07-17 10:16 am (UTC)
17th-Jul-2012 10:51 am (UTC)
... I still kind of find him unfortunate. He does have a lovely, lovely smile. But his face is just strange to me. Not a bad strange, necessarily. Just. *shrug* (Dylan's face on the other hand makes me make all the squeaky noises. So. It is very much a subjective 'huh, Loz, wow' thing.)

I didn't even liveblog about Stiles with the ash --- but, omg, Stiles with the ash.

This episode seriously was amazing television. And though I did miss Lydia, I think it was the best of the series so far.

17th-Jul-2012 11:22 am (UTC)
*sigh* One day I am sure his face will win you over. One day! Meanwhile my Dylan situation has gotten so bad that I feel motivated to violence. He's basically won a place on my NO RIGHT list. It's an illustrious list. It has people like Tobias and James Purefoy on it.

Stiles with the ash! He should totally be, idk, Deaton's wizardy apprentice or something.

Really great TV. Crystal said at the weekend that end of 2x08 and 2x09 were amazing. Holland also said 2x09 was her favourite episode. I'd say the main reason there was no Lydia was because next week is going to be huge on the Lydia front.

(I will write it if they give Papa Stilinski a name. It'll be gen meeting-at-a-crime-fighting-convention talking-about-their-brilliant-but-difficult-children fic. There'd be something about how V is starting at the FBI.)
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