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Living Loz
This world seems a better place!.. 
13th-Jul-2012 12:19 pm
Loz Cola
Reading all of the comic-con stuff about Psych and Teen Wolf is hitting me right in the feels. Apparently, Roday's favourite song is 'Some Kind of Wonderful' --- which just so happens to be one of the nine hundred and ninety-five songs I have used as a title, but coincidentally, for a Psych fic. Tyler H and Dylan O'Brien are kind of being insanely trolly in a harmlessly sweet way, along with everyone else involved with Teen Wolf. If you hate fanservice, you would hate what they've been getting up to. It's all kind of utterly delightful.
13th-Jul-2012 12:47 pm (UTC)
I love it so much. My second favourite time of the year and this year is already spectacular! The Marvel film panel hasn't even happened yet! And there's always more surprises to come.

(The Disney panel was a bit quiet, this year, but then nothing will top SUPRISE TRON SEQUEL as a finish to a Disney panel. Not even that time Johnny Depp showed up as Jack to announce Potc 4.)

Also: I can't even with Hoechlin & Dylan. I evened myself out last night.

(Though - I keep thinking about the difference in attitudes. Like. I'm sure if there was something similar, say, 10 years ago this would never have happened. Oh, it would've happened if a show had a het couple people were desperate to see together - but not for a non-het couple. The times, Loz, they are a-changing.)
14th-Jul-2012 02:18 pm (UTC)
To your parentheses: yes. I mean, in 2007, John and Phil did that subtexty cover for Radio Times and that was pretty out there for then? So... it's kinda lovely in lots of ways.

I didn't hear about a Tron sequel?! Wow. Ugh, comic con. I suspect I'd hate actually going, because queues and crowds and social anxiety, but I am still enviously green in my gills that others get the flawlessness.

I think I kind of ship O'Brien and Hoechlin now.
14th-Jul-2012 02:28 pm (UTC)
Dude. Everyone ships them now. O'Hoech, for the hilarity of the verbal pronunciation. I think they ship themselves.

Oh, no, I was referring to the time back in 2008 when the Disney panel ended and then all the lights went down and then there was lightcycle shenanigans on the screen and the crowd lost their shit. Because no-one knew the Tron sequel was actually going to happen until that point, it had never been confirmed, it never got leaked. Best end to a Disney panel ever, basically.

One day, in the future, we should go. You know. When we both have the money. We'll meet in the middle, so to speak. :D (Of course one day I hope to be at Comic Con for a panel because I'm an awesome comic writer/sci-fi film writer/director etc.)

Yeah. On the subtext stuff - it's kinda a big deal. I just. This show was only ever meant to be about hot shirtless guys being terrible at being werewolves. Now it's like magically progressive and shit. What even.

(Oh, also, re: what were talking about the longer season and what that would mean - Jeff Davis tweeted that they're going to stick to 12 episode arcs. So there's that answer.)
14th-Jul-2012 02:35 pm (UTC)
Oh, right. My inability to read tripped me up there. I seriously thought you meant that happened yesterday. Another Tron!

12 episode arcs sound good. Now let's hope one of them involves lots of delicious relationship development. Because, if they're going to pander to fans (and I don't know if I want them to or not yet, because my mind is contrary like that), they should do it well. Like you, I do have some confidence in them.

And, oh man, we are so alike. As you know, I am not so much with the SF writing, and yet I, too, was imagining a world in which I was on the panel because of being an excellent show creator.

I cannot abide smush names, but O'Hoech is kind of amazing, it has to be said. Hilarity. I may or may not have also been reading a couple of fics on AO3. Was the one you recced on twitter 'Smile Lines'? Because I adored that one.
14th-Jul-2012 02:47 pm (UTC)
I wish! That being said - the interquel TV series is actually all kinds of cool and badass, so I'm pretty happy with that for now.

Yes. I mean. What I'd really like is, on the side of whatever wolfy shenanigans, a genuine exploration of a young guy realising he's bisexual. Stiles is a great opportunity for that, I think, with the few bits and pieces Davis has already laid down and the way Dylan plays him. (I'm always reminding myself that they filmed S1 in a bubble - so they had no idea at that point what Dylan & Hoechlin's acting chemistry was going to do to fans. So even though it feels like fanservice it isn't at all.) As it is, if you were to open to romantic option, Derek & Stiles already have the classic beginnings of a will-they-won't-they; they don't like each other very much, grudgingly work together, save each other's lives. There's a lot there to build into a trust relationship that builds into something more. All of this is neutral thinking, remember, because I'm only invested in it as a real possibility because of the progressiveness of doing such a storyline*. I'm not even a tinhat!

Hee. Along with my long held, and sadly unaccomplishable, fantasy to be interviewed by Parkinson and my fantasy of winning ALL THE AWARDS is my fantasy about taking something to ComicCon.

O'Hoech is wonderful. I think I will accept it into my heart alongside McShep, the only other smush name I view as valid. (Though I always hoped new Trek would mean Kock or Spork became thing. Because. You know. Hilarious.) The one I recced was a little post-the-video one. I haven't read Smile Lines yet but now it has your nod of approval I shall. :)
13th-Jul-2012 09:06 pm (UTC)
There's a 'vote for us' ad going around for Teen Wolf that makes me want to watch it....
14th-Jul-2012 02:14 pm (UTC)
I actually really enjoy the show on more than a "it has hot guys" level. You don't quite get that level of sexy interaction on the show, though, which is a shame to everyone everywhere.
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