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Living Loz
Sexlin with Hoechlin doesn't work unless you know how Hoechlin is pronounced... 
2nd-Jul-2012 01:32 am
Loz Cola
I appear to be writing Stiles/Derek Teen Wolf Fic. Long enough to have chapters. Short chapters. But, still.


In my defence, it is currently my holidays? *slinks off to bed*
1st-Jul-2012 08:53 pm (UTC)


2nd-Jul-2012 12:08 am (UTC)
Derek is slightly off-canon in this fic, because I still haven't fathomed canon Derek out.
2nd-Jul-2012 12:12 am (UTC)
He is a puzzle in a whatsit wrapped up in a thingy. I think it's mostly because we live with Scott and Pack Scott more than Pack Derek - so the glimpses we get of Derek are always complicated by his frustration with Scott and his persistent not-knowing-what-to-do-with Stiles.

I like it, in a way, because Derek's a hell of lot more layered than the Actual Creeper Derek Hale he started out as. But it does make his characterisation bloody difficult to nail down.

(We all know that when, because it's not if anymore, when I write Teen Wolf fic Derek is going to be my guy. I have such a weakness for the broken layered bastards.)
2nd-Jul-2012 12:29 am (UTC)
(We all know that when, because it's not if anymore, when I write Teen Wolf fic Derek is going to be my guy. I have such a weakness for the broken layered bastards.)

Well, of course, because Stiles is clearly my in character. It is always this way and shall forever be this way. Two sides of the same coin. :D

Though this fic requires Derek perspective. So.

Edited at 2012-07-02 12:29 am (UTC)
2nd-Jul-2012 12:34 am (UTC)
I was gonna say. Stiles is a perfect fit for you. :D

(Do you think we have our very own Slash Dragon out there? Just waiting for us to fulfil our destiny?)
2nd-Jul-2012 12:39 am (UTC)
:D My many and varied loves for Stiles, let me count the ways. I always seem to want to write the character who gets me right there. Though, sometimes, I write them looking through another character's eyes.

And I like Derek, too, do not get me wrong --- but relating to Derek? Not so much with that. Hence, this fic. I am predictable in the best/worst ways.

(Haaahahaha. There must be. Our fates are entwined!)
2nd-Jul-2012 12:46 am (UTC)
Stiles leans casually against the button marked 'Shawn Spencer' in my head. (IDK, would that make Scott Gus? Because: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, NO. Derek would make a pretty great Lassie, though, to be fair.) The first of many reasons I thought that you'd like him a lot.

Derek's probably the least relateable of the characters, which is deliberate on the creators' behalf I think, but he gets me right in the intense loneliness feels. HE JUST WANTS A PACK TO LOVE HIM.

I digress. Which is par for the course when his face gets involved. (I know you think it's unfortunate but I just love it so damn much.)
2nd-Jul-2012 12:57 am (UTC)

:D Oh, man. It's actually hard for me not to slip into Shawnisms in this fic, because I do think they have differences in their pattens of speech. Aaaand this is going to get very boring soon, so I'll stop now.

Derek's unfortunate face is something I love about him, if it makes it any better? I mean, you know, there are times when I am there thinking "gosh, he's quite pretty", and then he does this expression and I am all "uhhh. or not." Which helps with being a werewolf, really. This is what I mean by unfortunate. Tyler H is very lovely when he smiles. So, ALMOST NEVER, as Derek.

Word on the intense loneliness. This is also why Stiles is my in character --- because I think it's pretty obvious he feels that too. Always trying to live vicariously through his best friend, who never answers his damn call. I love Scott, I do, but he's a terrible friend, in almost every way. I am looking forward to the episode where he redeems himself to Stiles. And, you know, potentially, Stiles and Derek have very similar priorities in life too. It's all about protecting those they care for, even if it's against their will. They're constantly mirroring one another.

[/reasons Loz apparently ships Stiles/Derek despite the lack of "I quite like your unfortunate face"]
2nd-Jul-2012 01:10 am (UTC)
Ahahaha. PINEAPPLES, BRINGING FANDOMS TOGETHER. (still haven't gotten over the Harvey/Mike pineapple thing actually being something that happened)

They absolutely do mirror each other (and I read some meta on Tumblr that I've forgotten about to that effect) which I think, again, is deliberate from the creators. Because it's gotten more so in this season, leading up to the whole pool thing (and also the bit where Stiles knows Derek's looking for the word 'abomination' because they do share similar thought patterns in that way), and that can't be by accident. The showrunners have very clearly set them up as the two characters that put everyone else ahead of themselves, and if they could see that in each other I think they could be powerful allies (and maybe that's a place the show is headed? seems like).

I think Derek's confusion about Stiles could be read as coming from a place of: he knows why he does what he does, because he was raised Pack. But here's this human exhibiting similar qualities (and he was probably taught that humans weren't like that at all) and that makes no sense to him. He's scared and threatened Stiles multiple times and yet Stiles still helps him. I just. *hands* Fandom's "Sterek" obsession aside - they're one of the most interesting relationships on the show.

Word to Scott being a terrible friend. I mean, I know he's been turned into a werewolf against his will, prevented from attempting the only cure he knew about, had his girlfriend's family turn out to be people hunting him, had several of his classmates turned into werewolves (and worse) - but there's no need for him to be so ignorant of Stiles all the time. Poor Stiles. There's that thing going around the Teen Wolf tag where people are saying they just want the rest of the cast to see how important Stiles actually is. That, basically.

(Hilariously enough: I do think that Derek will probably be the first character to acknowledge it. Maybe he's already begun by always putting himself between Stiles and danger.)
2nd-Jul-2012 01:36 am (UTC)
A+++++ defence of Scott, hah. Poor Scott. Still, Stiles, Jen, Stiles! :D Yes that he deserves to be acknowledged. With a shirtless scene.

I like how this show actually has a metric fucktonne of plot and character planning put into it. Far more than you want to give it credit for.
2nd-Jul-2012 01:49 am (UTC)
Hee. I didn't even mean for that to happen. I just. Have feelings about people marginalising Scott. I don't even know why. They come out at the worst possible times too.

Word to shirtless!Stiles. I still love that the one time this season where it looked like you might see him shirtless was effectively cockblocked from the audience. Completely deliberate. And HILARIOUS.

SO much thought! Jeff Davis clearly has a very firm idea about the story he's telling and how he wants to get there. And though I don't always agree with the way he does it I'm just so pleased someone is putting this much thought into a teen show! #teens can have nice things too
1st-Jul-2012 09:52 pm (UTC)
Ahaha. Look at how many people have already read it! I guess that's what happens when you write in a fandom that's exploding.

ALSO! Wendigo! Which I always associate with Supernatural (sorry) and is an excellent monster to choose!

Also also! Derek's inner beast made me think of the monster in Harry's chest. I may have loled a little.

Also x3! This is great! More of this! Your Stiles voice is fantastic.
2nd-Jul-2012 12:07 am (UTC)
I did tell you this fic is basically a joke, hah :D And don't feel bad for associating the wendigo with Supernatural, because that's where I took it from. Waaaay back when, I watched SPN because of Callum Keith Rennie. That was the episode he was in. I decided I did not love the show, then watched amazed as the fandom exploded.

It is ridiculous how many people have read this already. I --- I have never, in my life, had that much response so soon? Except maaaaaybe with the love-potion-no-truth-potion Merlin fic?

♥ ♥ Hee, thanks, Jen!
2nd-Jul-2012 12:14 am (UTC)
Supernatural amazed me too - mostly because, with Sam & Dean being brothers, I assumed it wouldn't attracted slash fandom. HOW INCREDIBLY WRONG I WAS. (I only got ventured into the fandom side when Castiel, because blasphemy I'm okay with, incest not so much)

It is crazy, Loz, crazy! (A friend of a friend had that recently when she wrote an itty bit of Avengers fic) Sort of like how I can't deal with the fact that one of my XMFC WiPs has over 12000 views. 12000! HOW?

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