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I continue to grumble about functional grammar...

I know this is getting old, so after this post I am placing a moratorium on all functional grammar/homework commenting in my journal. But. There's still this post.

Functional grammar is such a fucking pain, you guys. I am relatively lucky --- it's a three hour session from 4-7 pm Thursdays, alternating weeks. Ten of these sessions in total. And then, maybe, 4-7 hours additional work per module. So I do know that compared to other training and development I could be doing, this is not the worst. It is, however, still the worst, because it is monumentally mind-numbing.

My facilitator is a nice enough person, but to be honest, she's kind of flaky (I just finished the fifth module and I haven't received grades/replies on any of my previous work.) She's so slow in delivery and organisation that sessions that could finish earlier go beyond 7 pm. Part of that is also because she doesn't know how to shut people up. Like, she never seems to have the answers to any questions. I seem to have four fellow course-goers who insist on asking ridiculously detailed questions of such a pedantic, nitpicky sensibility that suddenly half an hour has gone by and we've finished one short activity out of the fifteen required tasks, and, oh, also only heard a sixteenth of the requisite grammar spiel. I am always so tempted to shout at them; "You'll never need that answer, seriously."/ "Maybe this is coming in a later module?"/"Nobody cares, nobody cares, nooooooobody freaking CARES."

It is a horror of both context and content, and, ugh. I participated in this course last year over videolink and it wasn't nearly this excruciating. Granted, I missed three modules, and only did the homework for the first one, which is why I am repeating it. But I swear I didn't come back every Thursday wanting to sew mouths shut.
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