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Teen Wolf Liveblog (2.04)

Who else thinks this guy is a reformed Hunter? (How bad is it that I still don't know this guy's name?)

This is awesomely gruesome :D :D :D

Snarky Stiles is such an arsehole.


This is pretty great, hahahaha.

Colonel Tigh Granpappy is so creepy.

The long-running gag of Stiles' poor Jeep.

... the whole thing was reptilian, Stiles. I really liked the creature make-up.

Derek, this is kind of what you get for biting such emotionally troubled teens, you douche.

Ewwww. No one wants that. I was so hoping they wouldn't go down this route with Erica. Oh good, they're not. Though if Derek is thinking of hooking Erica up with Scott, he's a complete dumbass. I bet a million Stiles/Derek shippers totally thought Derek was going to say "Because I have someone else in mind. For MEEEEEEE!"

With respect, Derek, you're a terrible fucking teacher.

Colin Morgan lookalike!

GUYS. THIS SCENE IS ADORABLE. I TOTALLY THOUGHT STILES MEANT IT. SCOTT'S GOOFY GRINNING. I looooove Allison, but my friendship kink means that of all the ships I could have for this show, apart from Scott/Allison, this is the one I really like.

I actually really love Lydia, you guys.

OH MY GOD is this episode gay. They're really just... I don't want to say milking it, because, ew, connotations. But they are. (Danny is the best.)

JACKSON. Now, I personally think that camera-guy made the edit himself, but, hmmm.

I really think this guy looks like Ben Browder. So. Clearly, cylons.

N'awwwwwww, Stiiiiiiiiiles!

And the long-running gag of Stiles never actually getting to play first line. :(

... Derek wanted Erica to seduce Stiles? Really? That's kind of --- huh.

Oh, maybe not. I love Stiles's absolute resignation there.


It is pretty amusing that all it takes is a look.

N'awww, Derek's totally trying to protect Stiles again. It's kind of sweet. But Stiles won't leave him, because of ~reasons~ and now there's groping! Ooh, underwater groping! Why am I suddenly reminded of buddy breathing?

But, actually, at the very best they're frenemies, and at worst they hate one another. I can see why people ship them aesthetically, but their dynamic needs to become a little warmer before I could ship them in the same way. I feel like I'd always want to have a Stiles and a Derek who are a step to the left of who they currently are. And that's not generally how I ship. [/thoughts on yaoi]

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA. THIS SHOW. It's totally moments like this that made me enjoy Teen Wolf.

Literal two hours, or figurative? Because, if literal, what the hell have they been talking about all that time?

Epic case in earlier point: the complete and utter lack of trust between Stiles and Derek :( :( :( Stiles is gonna have some 'splainin' to do.

This creature is the camera-guy who looks like Ben Browder, isn't it?

Scott, you really need to be a better friend. It kinda serves you right, though, Stiles. Okay, this is better. You could have let Derek die. You didn't. Maybe there's hope for you two crazy kids yet?

Derek's making another epic mistake.

... or not. Colonel Tigh Granpappy is truly crazycakes. Like daughter like father.

This episode was a lot better than the last. It was paced better, it made more sense and it had the requisite amounts of ho and foe yay.

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