Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Mock the Week comments of the day...

Okay. I have to ask this. Who does Micky Flanagan appeal to? Is it something I am missing? Is he actually wonderful in real life? Or super inexpensive and willing to work at short notice? Or do people actually find his horrible schtick funny? (It's probably that last one, isn't it? How fucking depressing.) Ugh, whatever it is, I wish he'd stop getting booked for the things I like to watch (or would like to watch, since he's successfully nixed a couple by being in them.)

I basically spent this entire episode wishing both Andy and Micky would disappear. I miss David Mitchell on MtW so, so much. I liked Nathan Caton, though. His story during Angela Smerkal's Comedy Bailout, while no doubt a load of fiction, was kind of adorable. (I adore Chris Addison as everyone here knows, and the points are a lie, but Caton deserved to win that round. Also, Addison was at his very trolliest in this episode. I have never seen him troll harder.)

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