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Living Loz
100 Unwritten Fics #010 
12th-Jun-2012 09:16 pm
Life on Mars (Sam is pretty)
This is an "I haven't written this yet, but it's on the cards." The companion piece to my last Life on Mars fic involving Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, but with Gene ostensibly as Alpha. Warning: Under the cut there are mentions of dub-con and other things that may squick.

I'll confess this straight up: this whole verse very nearly squicks me in about ten different ways. I'm usually not someone who's into unshakeable dominant/submissive roles, dub-con, this level of fantasy (self-lubricating arses, everyone), potential m-preg, heats, and bestial elements. I. just. My kink is vanilla-flavoured. When it comes to kink, I'm really not that kinky. I have comfort zones and the Omega!verse is very much out of all of them.

Naturally, I found myself wanting to see if I could make it work. Because this is my traitorous brain. "Hey, Loz, you've never done that before. Give it a go." "Thanks, brain. No, really. You and me? Copacetic."

I sort of very deliberately wrote Sam as Alpha first. Occasionally --- not always, but occasionally --- I like to be contrary just to be contrary. I'm not proud. (Maybe a little?) Almost literally everyone else in this fandom would have written this fic with Gene as Alpha. Even the other people like me who are fond of Sam topping. Gene is just such an Alpha. And I am not denying that, I'm really not, especially not in this fic. But that was my whole reasoning behind writing this fic, really. Asking that what if. I have no doubts I'm by no means the first person writing within these parameters specifically to play with and semi-subvert them. But, yeah, the whole point of writing with Sam as Alpha first was: a) Sam is also such an Alpha, and sue me, but I like when that gets recognised, because I really don't think it always does, and b) what would it be like to Omega-fi a character who should by all rights be an Alpha, in everyone's perception, including their own?

But, now, of course, because I have done the brave thing and played with perceptions, I kind of want to write possessive Alpha Gene (and, yeah, there would naturally be a little bit of 'this Omega role is not the best fit for Sam'.) Almost just so that I can say to myself I've done that now, I never need to do it again. There is something really appealing about Gene as unquestioningly dominant. Don't just take my word for it, read The Daily Mail from back in the day. At the moment all I have is this idea of Gene being all hilariously Cullenesque and stalking Sam, because apparently I never got over the idea of Stalker!Gene, despite 60,000+ words worth of Changes.
I do still have non-porn related Life on Mars fic ideas, as evidenced by other unwritten fics in this series of posts, but I get a terrible feeling it's the porn that'll get written first.

Reason for not having written: Time.
12th-Jun-2012 06:28 pm (UTC)
I'll confess this straight up: this whole verse very nearly squicks me in about ten different ways.

Me too, which is part of the reason why I skipped that fic. I get the whole idea of "This is the wrongest thing ever, and also kind of hot in a weird way", but the whole Alpha/Beta/Omega thing doesn't click for me. I actually avoid those fic for much the same reason I bailed on trying to read Flatland - regardless of the writer's intent, once the story gets beyond a certain level of "These are the fixed and immutable roles of biology, and those biologically capable of baby-making are stuck as inferiors", I want to bail.

(I also get the whole "This is horrible, how can I turn this into a good story?" idea, and may have done one or two anonymous things in other fandoms for precisely that reason.)
13th-Jun-2012 07:54 am (UTC)
No need to excuse skipping my fic. I know you're not so much with the Sam/Gene shipping anyway.

I think it's precisely because I disagree with the notion of the world so much that makes me want to write it? Like, the part of me who insists I attempt to write everything and the kitchen sink demands that push.
13th-Jun-2012 10:50 am (UTC)
I definitely get the "I totally disagree, now how can I make it work?" impulse. I get that about some things (although, fortunately my brain seems to have an opt-out clause about stuff that has enough of an "Everyone's doing it" feel, like consensual incest and the whole alpha/omega thing).
13th-Jun-2012 08:21 am (UTC)
There is a world of omegaphiles out there (some of us them being unwilling-but-ok-actually-kind-of-willing converts to that brand of squick) who are waiting for Loz to work that particular bit of Gene-does-Sam magic. Just FYI.
13th-Jun-2012 08:32 am (UTC)
:D See, this I did not know.
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