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Living Loz
Dum dum dum dum dum dum... 
12th-Jun-2012 06:55 pm
Life on Mars (Sam Outsider)
Teen Wolf 2.03 Liveblog

Erm, do American gas stations not work the same as Australian petrol stations? Don't you have to pay, Allison?

Really? Really, show? Allison as victim?

Why is it I suspect that Grandpappy Argent is behind this?

Wow. Daddy Argent! I... had kind of been assuming up to now that he was the singular sane member of Allison's family apart from Allison. NEVER ASSUME.

I love how Allison is all "okay. this is somehow my life."

This guy is kind of cute but I do not trust him even a little bit. Oh, wait, that's not necessary anyway.

Did I mention how I kind of adore the cheesy new credits? Like, I don't get them, really? What's with the mud-girl? And how come everyone else is all dramatic and Stiles is just walking along? But, I do like them all the same.


Also, I am in love with Scott when he is like this. Adorable.

Um. Do American high schools really have rock climbing walls like this? Because that's a little... intense.

WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? There's no mat, sweetie. If you squishify you genuinely only have yourself to blame.

I am in love with Stiles' stud muffin t-shirt.

Psychic wolf!


For a creepy werewolf who possibly has an unfortunate face, Derek sure does have dreamy eyes.

This girl reminds me of Amber Benson.


Well, I wasn't predicting that. No. Wait. The other thing. I was totally predicting that. Also, HILARIOUS scene to come after my post wherein I was all "yay for more male than female objectification in the show, wooo".

I like this conversation. This conversation is neat.

HAHAHAHAHA. I can't tell if Scott is seriously that dim or whether he's just cutting his losses, you know? Also, nice side-stepping from revealing all, show writers.

MARRY ME, STILES. Lydia needs a redemption arc before she is worthy of your love.

Oh, Scott, will you never learn? :D

Fuck, that looked so real. Awesome acting there, Tyler.

Hmmm. Scott did not handle that well, but Derek's a total dick for recruiting damaged people without trying to freaking help them get over their issues. He only has himself to blame when his pack becomes this annoying group therapy session full of neuroses every couple of weeks and no one can get along because their ego issues prevent teamwork.

Momma Argent is one terrifyingly fearsome lady.

*claps* STILES. The thing is, I could totally find that annoying except that I feel like Stiles probably is bisexual yet currently infatuated with Lydia. I mean, he was so concerned with whether Danny found him attractive (he wanted him to, desperately). So, yeah. I am all grinny-face at Stiles and his gratuitous flirting. :D :D :D (Meanwhile, my Stiles/Scott shipping preferences are extra grinny.)

Based purely on fic (and that scene last week), I feel like Derek would not be pleased with Erica for that move. Poor baby Stiles and his poor little face.

THIS IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS. What are you, show?

Since becoming the Alpha, Derek's really... I mean, I kind of want to say he's lost some of his morals, but to be fair to the show, he's always been 'the bite is a gift'. But. Still. He's kind of lost some of his morals. I think I preferred angsty, alone and drily sarcastic Derek to amassing power, seductive and over-confident Derek.

Wolfed up Derek looks like Angelus.

I am not okay with that language, Stiles, so I am not as in love with you right now. Bad Stiles, no biscuit.

Hmmm. Interestingness in regards to Jackson.

This episode was pretty much a hot mess. It was all over the place and waaaaay melodramatic. But I still enjoyed it.

12th-Jun-2012 03:52 pm (UTC)
I see your capslocking at Derek stealing Erica was roughly the same as mine.


I have to say - there's suddenly some serious vampire vibes about the Pack. They're not portraying them the way I think a werewolf Pack should be portrayed. The whole sudden sex symbol thing is classic vampire stuff, as is the way Erica was doing intimidation and everything about Isaac's behaviour at the end. Prior to this Scott has been our yardstick to the way werewolves behave after they start changing and he never behaved like that, he remained very human, and I don't know if we're meant to see this as an example of Derek choosing the wrong kinds of people but for me it doesn't ring true to the set-up they gave us in S1.

Jen: having too many feelings about inconsistent internal logic in stupid shows since forever.

Things I liked - movement on Lydia's plot, Stiles continuing the support of the 'he's bisexual' theory, Allison's face when she realised her Dad was playing her, Boyd saying he wants to be like Scott and the coach actually being a really good teacher when Erica was having trouble on the wall.

I miss sarcastic Derek, though, he was great as a lone wolf. I'm also vaguely wondering if everything he's doing is to turn Scott into his Beta. He was way too pleased by Scott's fighting.
12th-Jun-2012 04:03 pm (UTC)
Haaah, I just said that to you over twitter, too. Our unimind strikes again ♥

Total agreement with everything you say. The one time Scott behaved like this was when he let Lydia kiss him and then was all nasty about it towards Stiles, but a) it was the full moon and he was in the middle of Wolfing out, b) he was cut up over Allison, c) Stiles had just handcuffed him to a radiator and given him a dogbowl, so, you know, *extentuating circumstances*.

I am of the opinion Derek is totally playing Scott, trying to get him to join the pack. Kind of a "look how badly I am doing this without you. I need you" thing. It's, like, the only thing that makes remote sense, because Derek hasn't struck me as being this gosh darn stupid, before. A little stupid, but not this D U M dumb.

And word on Issac. I could just about understand Erica's newfound confidence and how it manifested itself, but Isaac? I mean --- I think we see it to degrees in Scott --- but not at all like that. That was classic "I lost my soul, now I have no ethics or morals" Buffy vamp lore stuff.
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