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For reasons I can't explain I now have the Ghostbusters theme in my head...

I don't know how it happened exactly, but I became aware that the latest adaptation of Teen Wolf might be a thing I'd want to watch. (Was it you, taurenova? Maybe shadowhuntress?) And then, I found myself reading Derek/Stiles fic on AO3, despite having no real clue who they are, as you do. So, here I am, chilling on a Wednesday night, watching Teen Wolf.

That's Stiles, huh? He's sort of maybe a little cute, kind of? (I am sure once I have watched more I will be all 'STILES, YOU ARE THE MOST ADORABLE'. In the fics I read he was very mini-Shawnish, but with more self-acknowledged and obviously pronounced self-esteem issues.)

This is Scott? So who/where the hell is Derek? (Hey, Loz, reading an AU fic based on Teen Wolf will leave you terribly confused when it comes to watching the show.)

Nice CGI there, show.

What the bejeezus is that? That did not look like a wolf. It looked more like a monkey.

OH NOES. Poor little Scott's been bit by the werebonobo.

Yep, Stiles reminds me of mini-Shawn, arseholish tendencies intact.

Oooh, were!symptoms starting.

Creepy Cullenesque listening in there, Scott. Your Grade A creepster award's in the mail.

This guy is angry and striking-looking. I bet he's Derek!


Oh, yay, misogyny reinforced. Dare be upset you ran over a dog? You're a girl. Worse yet, you're a girly girl, you fucking loser. (This is very slightly toned down by Scott being human enough to say he'd also be upset, but he still said his crying would be pathetic.)

This guy is kind of great casting. He's inhumanly good looking, but can also pull off awkward teen.

Nicely done, show. Awesome editing and set up.

Scott, why are you running in the same direction as the werebonobo? Oh, no, running away, I get ya.

Um. Scott is kind of dim, yes? Like, really not that cluey?

I don't like this Lacrosse Coach/PE teacher guy. Also, Lacrosse is an interesting sport. I think I prefer it to Basketball. Haha, I totally thought the coach guy was going to be a douche, but he wasn't! Awesome.

Look at how worried and sad Stiles is! Poor little adorable baby.

Yes, Scott IS the most dim. Smack him upside the head, Stiles.

I am confused: Scott's being responsible in knowing that he should practice safe sex, but his mum takes the keys back and is suddenly all remonstrative? Safe sex is considerably better than irresponsible fumbling, yes?

Oh well, I am guessing she gave him the keys after all. (I just. I would be over the moon if my son was level-headed and self-regulatory enough to know that if he's going to have sex he damn well better take precautions. It is a fact of life that teenagers have sex! No matter how much you'd discourage, they still will. Wouldn't it be better to make sure they're informed and responsible?)

So Stiles is at the party, having a fun time inside, but not obsessively watching the friend he thinks is about to Wolf out?!

Wait, is Derek evil? Why do so many people apparently slash Stiles and Derek? (No, Loz, you cannot judge a fandom on the first episode, stop that attempt right now.) Also, I can't decide if this guy is gorgeous or really unfortunate-looking.

They were cool old-school type effects. Also, loving the use of the mirror. Classic, yo.

You know what? That was actually completely awesome. :D :D :D

What is Derek's deal?

Oooh, JR Bourne.

Um --- yes, Derek? It is so bad to be turned into a werewolf. It's a total arsehole move to curse someone without their consent. Real arsehole move.

HEE STILES (most adorable!) Yes, Scott, keep your life in perspective.

See? At the moment? Typical Loz would ship Scott/Stiles if she had to ship anyone at all. He'd feed Scott live mice! He had a boa once!

OH SHIT. Nice twist :D

Okay, so as pilots go, this was not appalling. It definitely had moments that annoyed me, and the usual pilot clunkiness, but it wasn't terrible. I have basically never read fic first and then seen the source material, so that's an interesting experience that I am not sure I am in love with. I have all of these weird preconceptions that are so-far completely false (not the least because a couple of times I was reading AU, so, yeah, there's another step to the left there.) I am intrigued. I shall watch more.

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