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Living Loz
Unpopular opinions... 
19th-May-2012 01:23 pm
Loz Cola
1. I haven't watched the whole of Mad Dogs because I really, really didn't enjoy it. It has my favourite actors and it's beautifully shot, but I spend every minute of every episode shouting at the screen. I don't like or connect with any of the characters, I wholeheartedly believe Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah would have made an amazing show with the same premise and every time I see people discussing how great Mad Dogs is, I scream "but not as great as Eternal Law, you philistines!" It's entirely likely I have a sickness. Especially since that's not a comparison that should be made. Apples/Peanut butter much?

2. The first David Bowie song I really loved was "I'm Afraid of Americans". The second was "Life on Mars". I've been listening to "Slow Burn" recently and singing along loudly.

3. I've never loved Supernatural, but I'm really rather fond of Grimm. I mean, it is by no means a great show, but it sustains my interest enough that I look forward to seeing it.

4. When it comes to commenting on fic, art or vids, I am firmly in the "why don't more people comment?" camp. One of the things I've always enjoyed about fandom is the fact that the creators and, for want of a better word, consumers, can very easily enter into a dialogue, even if it's "OMG ILU THIS IS AM-AY-AY-AY-ZING"/"Thank you so much ♥" (which is basically all I am reduced to in my own comments, because articulation, what's that?) I try very hard not to expect comments, and it's not the why and wherefore of writing for me, but I do like knowing, first hand, that someone was moved by something what I wrote. I try to comment whenever I can because of this and I frequently wish I had more time to read-view-and-comment. I always think it's kind of unfair that it's deemed extremely uncool to feel down when the crickets are chirping. There's this real sense that those who don't feel they need external validation (or, conveniently, get it all the time because they write in mega-fandoms, or are just that good at hitting the fannish zeitgeist) are sitting there thinking you should suck it up. Yes, well, I probably should, but listen to those damn crickets, they're so frustrating.

On the other hand, I totally understand anxiety and not wanting fandom to feel like a chore. There have definitely been times when I've been at a complete loss for words on how to respond to something because it moved me so profoundly, or I liked something well enough but it missed a spark and I don't know how to comment on the great parts because I'm just thinking about that, or I'm in awe of someone's talent and have no way to express it without coming across as a grade-a creeper. I definitely don't think people should be forced into commenting or responding to something for my own vanity's sakes.

In short --- it's hard and complicated and I wish it wasn't. It's been this way for years and there still aren't many solutions. I think the kudos feature on AO3 is absolutely brilliant and as close to a compromise as I can successfully imagine. I think the main problem for me is that, rationally, I can be very level-headed and serene about this, but apparently my subconscious is a traitorous, hypocritical dick.

5. I still don't understand tumblr. I've seen some very lovely pictures of James Roday and various things, but beyond that I am confused.
19th-May-2012 04:52 am (UTC)

1)I didn't care for Mad Dogs or Eternal Law... Erm... I'll be over here with my blueberries, apparently.

2)I was delighted by the use of I'm Afraid of Americans in the No Good Deed episode of POI.

3) I'm rather fond of Grimm too. It's very silly and I find I don't care at all that it is, it just doesn't inspire fannish activities in me. Did you see tonight's season finale?

4) I don't think it's uncool to want comments. I think it's perfectly natural for a writer to want readers.

I tend to laugh at my own crickets because I tend to have odd ideas without realizing they're particularly odd and/or I write in fandoms which are small, verging on the non-existent. Worse still, I set out to write something that seems pretty mainstream fandom wise and then it turns on me.

I read less fan fiction than I used to -- I have a lot less time and my tiny fandoms don't produce much fan fiction -- but I still comment on anything I've enjoyed reading if only to say "thanks, I enjoyed that." I don't think comments have to be profound.

5) I don't understand the allure of Tumblr either, it seems rather like a enormous group scrapbook to me and I never really enjoyed group projects.
26th-May-2012 04:53 am (UTC)
1) But, but, Eternal Law! :D

2) ME TOO. I was aflail. It was just perfect.
19th-May-2012 05:48 am (UTC)
1)Yups. Except the Eternal Law part, because: more TV I haven't had time for yet.

3) I KNOW PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN IN GRIMM! Sadly, I could not tell you what they played because I haven't watched any of it. I guess I should?

4) I actually finally wrote and posted something rather lengthy (for me, miz anon porn fest toss-off mini-fill), and oh. My. God. The crack. The hot crack pipe of the comment box. I've always believed in commenting, but have usually been in the "wait until you can say something not-stupid" camp. But now it's become so FRAUGHT. I know some people get all angsty about the wrong kind of comment, and some gobble up anything (that would be me: criticize me! kick my butt! love me!), and some are ... well. Anyway. My commenting hygiene has only improved slightly. I do not know what to do.

What if you just got a pile of "hey-I-read-this-it-was-great"s? Would you feel overfed and malnourished? How many times could I say "you're fabulously talented" and not be a creeper?

5) It just seems to be for pictures? Like passing notes in class and posting pictures inside your locker? I subscribe to M/M porn, mostly, and the fan pages for pretty men.
26th-May-2012 04:55 am (UTC)
3) That is kind of amazing!

4) I don't understand people who get angsty about certain kinds of comments. The only one I wouldn't like is an outright "you suck and this sucks harder". I would feel happy with any and all feedback, personally. I don't think it's creepy to tell people you like their work.
19th-May-2012 01:54 pm (UTC)
I never watched Mad Men. I think it started out mainly as a boycott of AMC original shows since they refuse to release Remember WENN DVDs. That, and none of them really interest me.

I love Supernatural and I do enjoy Grimm as well. At least next season they won't be on at the same time.

As for comments, I do try my best to respond because I know how much I look forward to them on my fics
26th-May-2012 04:56 am (UTC)
I don't like Mad Men either, but here I'm talking about Mad Dogs with John Simm, Phil Glenister, Max Beesley and Marc Warren.
26th-May-2012 01:03 pm (UTC)
I can't read. I thought you said Mad Men. I saw series 1 of Mad Dogs but never got to series 2.
(Deleted comment)
3rd-Jul-2012 11:02 am (UTC)
I cannot stand Mad Dogs! Slick and Sky, dull dull, no writer's effort toward real characterisation. It seems quite clear the actors aren't much engaged by it either - might just be me though. It's not that there's anything lacking in the performances so much as that it seems an exercise beneath what they might ordinarily do, blokey fluff for the love of pulling a pay cheque to work with one's friends. The sexism in the writing of the female police officer too....not for me. My expectations are too high though I think!
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