Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Somewhere, beyond the sea...

I love my fannish family.

I have just now convinced my parents to watch Dexter, based on years of "hey, you know, there's this show I watch that I think you may like, even if you think you wouldn't." Guess what? I was correct. Yesterday, while we're debating what to watch, Dad's all "I think it has to be the next Dexter, don't you?" Dad is almost never the one who says what needs to be watched next.

So, we're watching the second episode, and mum goes, "you should write a crossover between this and Person of Interest. I want to know what Finch and Reese would make of Dexter."


Alas, I do not think I am capable, but surely someone else has already done this, right?

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