Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Attack of the Life on Mars Vids!

If you have Life on Mars [UK] vid ideas that you can't put into action due to lack of time/software/know-how, may I direct your attention to this post. A fanvid bunny repository! There is no such thing as too cracky. No song too uncool. Any LoM vids you've wanted to see? Post away! The lovely [profile] xiilnek has coded up the ideas so far.

But even more important: If you want to vid Life on Mars [UK], but haven't had inspiration before now, there are tonnes of brilliant song and theme ideas in this post. I'm sure some of those who dream of these vids even have scene suggestions.

The vids we have in LoM fandom are am-ay-ay-ay-zing, but there aren't all that many. For a show that is as stylish and beautifully shot as this? It's a gosh darn shame.

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Tags: fandom, life on mars

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