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Answers to that Quiz!

Those answers were interesting. In the end, most of you did a very good job.

1. Using the "left - centre - right" political spectrum, where does my main political ideology lie?: Left. Quite far left, actually. Far more left than some of you thought. :D Not raving psychopathic left though. I tend to think of the spectrum as more of a circle, or that it's encased either side by "idiot".

2. What religion am I?: None. Yeah, you guys noticed I'm not into the religion thing. It should please the more Religious among you to know I do believe in a form of God, though. I'm neither atheist nor agnostic. I know what I believe, but I keep as open a mind as possible.

3. Am I a pessimist or an optimist?: Optimistic Realist :D.

4. Am I inclined to want what I don't have?: Yes I really am. I try not to let it consume me.

5. What do I like and dislike the most about myself?: I like my sense of humour, my writing, my singing, my honesty. I dislike my jealous nature, my procrastination, my body and my inability to communicate in the real world without effort and blushing.

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