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Eternal Law 1.05 liveblog, because finally someone up there likes me.

Sidenote: I have been making my parents watch this show. They like it, but they constantly refrain "I don't see why they're angels". *facepalm* Even my parents do not Get It.

Zak's all "he's alright, actually, for a chorister", and I am all ZAK LOVES TOM SO, SO MUCH.

Yay, the theme of 'Zak can cook' continues.

Zak's flirting with Hannah. SUCH a dangerous game. I really like them together.

I like how Richard unfailingly steps into view at inopportune moments.

... Richard, you're pretending to be English, aren't you? It's not pronounced that way.

Why, thank you, Matt or Ash, for having "saving your life" mean 'take off my shirt and look sexy'.

"You're beautiful."/"Thank you. I was first in line when they handed out bodies. Seriously, I was first in line." ♥ ♥ ♥ Words can't express how much I love that.

It's an Ash ep!

You don't know who's on the other side of the line and you say, "I am cooking"? Really, Zak?

O HAI THERE ZAK BACKSTORY. Of course, of course he was in the armed forces at one stage.

Both Ash and Matt have this thing about characters sniffing stuff. Maybe it's me, but whilst smell can evoke a strong memory in me, I don't tend to actively search it out.

Parker totally has a crush on Zak.


I think I would pay good money to watch Richard Pembroke: Demon Matchmaker.

I like that Tom is becoming more and more assertive.

Zak, I can't believe you've done this to Hannah twice. At least this time she gets a consolation prize.

Oh, I really like Parker. :D

I was totally expecting Parker's next words to be, "Oh? So... he'd be free?" :D

ANGEL STRENGTH. I knew they had to have it. And when does Zak use it? Helping Tom.

WWI! [profile] taurenova must have been over the freaking moon.

Oh, Zak. ♥ I. just.

Mr Mountjoy really is of the Old Testament. Utter, utter bastard.

(This scene was probably my favourite of the whole show so far. Backstory. Noble yet angst-filled Zak. And him confiding it all in Tom. Tom trying to comfort him. Honestly, it's sometimes like this show was written just for me.)

Mrs Sheringham :(

Richard amuses me so Goddamned much. He's the worst and I love that about him.

Ash always knocks these scenes out of the ballpark. Ow, my heart.

Zak has been the worst kind of influence on Tom.

Eeeep :( TOM!

Dude. My ship is still the shiniest. Zak/Tom 4eva and eva, you guys. FOREVER AND EVER.

That was not the best grabbing I have ever seen, Parker.

You don't get to come back? Then... how is Zak in a new body? Logic!fail?

"We're gonna die, aren't we?"/"Not me, I've got a case to win." ♥ ♥ ♥

I seriously love Ash crazy amounts for this scene too.

Super selective angel-strength!?

Please don't kill this soldier, Ash. She is amazing.

Zak is so smug and evil. How is he an angel again?

I feel so much for Hannah. Poor darling.

My heart. See, the thing about me is this: I am a pacifist, by and large, who believes that some wars have had to be fought. If there were another way, I'd wish for it, but if there weren't --- then the best must be done. I respect those in the armed forces so, so much. It's a theme that always speaks to me.

Zak, you weird, weird angel.

"It's not considered polite to thrash a poor metaphor within an inch of its life." ♥ ♥ ♥

I LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH. I JUST DO. They make me happy. (I mean, obviously I also love Zak/Hannah an ungodly amount, but they generally make me sad. These two? Happiness. I loooove Tom, and if Zak can't have Hannah, he can have a different kind of love from Tom. A sexy, sexy love.)

Um, guys? My fic wasn't MASHed. If anything, it makes even more sense, since Ash completely contradicted himself. \o/ Go me.


This. show. has been an imperfect kind of perfection. I am really very heartbroken if this is it. Oh, MASH, I don't know how to quit you, I don't even want to try.

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