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Eternal Law 1.04 liveblog...

Hey now, starting in medias res is a good, good idea with this show. We also seem to have an interesting case this episode!

Zak calls Tom 'Tiger', Tom lights up like a Christmas tree.

Zak teases and then smiles with obvious mischievous glee.

Tom is concerned, because he is too sweet.

Aaaand we have another Matt episode. Now I know who to congratulate when this is as excellent as everyone says it is. (How come it's Matt who's more comfortable with writing the ridiculous angel!lawyer show? No. Wait. Stupid question.)

I am pretty sure I wrote about a potted fern in the corner of their offices in one of my fics. The thing is, I thought I made it up. My subconscious is aces, because potted plants are everywhere. My brain rocks at standard set design.

Matt's channelling Aaron Sorkin with the walking and the eating and the walking. ♥

"Good man. Sorry, figure of speech."

This actress can act! Thank God they decided to start hiring weekly supporting actors who can.

SAM WEST OM NOM NOM. Always wear your costume like that, please.

Oh, right, so now Matthew thinks characters committing suicide is bad. Nice to know.

Richard, eep.

OMG. HAAAAH. [Tom opens Paradise Lost, Zak walks in and closes the book.] "It's a very bad idea to google yourself."

Mrs Sheringham lounges attractively, Zak is witty.

I looove that Zak is ALL ABOUT FOOD. Also, he's the one who seems to do most of the cooking.

Poor Tom. Growing pains.

YOU CAN'T RUN AWAY FROM HIM, TOM. ZAK WILL ALWAYS FIND YOU. (I should find that creepy. I don't. Mainly because Tom doesn't.)

EEE. OMG. PROTECTIVE ZAK IS PROTECTIVE. Hands on shoulders, soft voice!

Seriously, Richard? You are ridiculous. Also, handsy.

Are You Being Served reference :D

MATTHEW JUST COMPARED GOD TO A COSMIC KATIE PRICE. Through the mouth of Richard, but he did it. The man's got balls.

Richard makes such a good point. If we hadn't seen him shove that guy in the water with such reckless glee, we'd almost believe he meant it.

Jamie Payne's directing the hell out of this episode.

Tom's smart mouth pleases me.

Shouldn't he have done up his chin-strap, though?

Oooh, plot twist.

This scene is amazing. This may not be my ship (I cannot help it. Zak/Tom hits all of my kinks.) But that doesn't render this any less slashy.

Zak's getting all up in Richard's grill, Richard's calling Zak a mincer. Heeeeee.

I am kind of sad that the 'sexy, sexy mess' line was about Hannah, because I genuinely thought he was saying it about Zak in the trailer.

Oh, Tom.

Tobias Menzies is definitely playing Richard as bisexual.

Is littering an angelic quality? I don't know...

"Alright, no point in us working together if we don't stand together. Let's help her. Whatever you're doing on your own it's probably very silly and completely wrong, so get back here." ♥ ♥

"How'd you like them apples? Exciting enough for you, Nancy Drew?" HEEEEE. The referencing pleases me so, so much.

And now for snuggles in tiny aisles of evidence.

Zak is such a drama queen. I love his pissiness.


Gemma needs to learn how to lock her door.

"How many police restrictions do you think we're in violation of at the moment?"/"About... nine?" :D :D


These two don't have angelic superstrength?

Gemma, you foolish fool.

Hannah is the biggest dork!

Did I used to watch this girl on Night and Day? (No, Loz, because you never, ever admit to having watched that show, ever again.) Er. Yes. Yes, I did.

Mrs Sheringham! I love you.

These two are so, so, so adorable together.

Mrs Sheringham has spent so much time worrying about Tom, she should have worried more about Zak.

For an angel, Zak can be incredibly creepy.

She looked like she was genuinely pounding him, then. Ow.

Zak abusing his powers again.

And now so is Tom. Great influence, there, Zak.

"It's a puffer fish on a stick in a box, obviously." Because, of course --- what else do you give a girl who's got everything?

Richard. Really wants Zak to fall.

Oooh. Best costume choice for Zak ever? Y/Y, there is no N.


Jesus fucking christ, Matthew. I shouldn't find this as hilarious as I do, but, fuck. Fuck. The boy has issues. What is with his relentless need to portray suicide as a positive action?

And now I am crying. Good acting, Ukweli. My heart.

Oh man, the clock.

THIS EPISODE WAS WELL WORTH THE WAIT. IT WAS ACES. THIS SHOW IS MY FAVOURITE. (Seriously: the plot was decent this week, we had amazing lines, good acting, good direction, and we still had delightful ridiculousness. We also had Matthew's trademark "I'm an irresponsible writer, but I like being that way so NYAH" --- an aspect of him that gives me both endless joy and endless pain.)

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