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Living Loz
Everything's made to be broken... 
20th-Jan-2012 07:24 pm
Loz Cola

Matthew episode! Now, I don't want to be cruel, but he's usually better at plot, worse (but not at all bad) at character. So, we shall see.

Tom is so, so beautiful. But he's also a pillock.

"Get your weird self down to the station..."

Chat, haaaah. Oh, man. Matthew's lines. He really does do amazing one-liners. But, then again, so does Ash. There is a reason I love these guys an ungodly amount.

Of course Zak would find casual sexism amusing.

Zak is also immediately jealous of Tom's new friend.

Touching! Clutching! Being protective! EEEEEEE! (I. How is this my main ship? Scenes like this.)


Okay. Tom is the MOST ADORABLE.

ZAK AND HANNAH ARE TOO SWEET. The giggling ♥ I find it interesting that Hannah is attracted to Zak no matter how he looks. It is something inherent about the person he is. I admit that I still wish he'd been female in his previous life, though. It would have been a nice twist. Hannah's emotional manipulation is a thing of beauty.

Sam West's face.

15 year old Glenlivet. (No reason for me to find that interesting beyond the fact I somehow do. La la la la la.)

Oh, Tom.

"I'll tell you what it's like to live a life. Every day the things that you carry with you get a bit heavier."/"That doesn't sound very good."/"It depends on what you carry." Dude. I forgot how he does this to me. I just. Oh. Great writing.

... are they boyfriends? They kind of seem like life partners.

Matthew, did you write aged life partners in your episode?

Zak is totally insane. His insane face is amazing.

"Oi, Aled Jones, wake up." *kick*

Widower. Friend. Right, then. No, Matthew, you did not. (No, I never want to think of David Bradley in a sexual way, but the idea they may have been life partners pleased me. It would have made Joe polishing Mac's shoes less icky.)

Turns out, Mac really is as much of an arsehole as he seems in many ways. I... kind of like that, actually. That's almost subtle.

I really love Mrs Sheringham.

Big time, Tom?


I looooove this song. (Hate Chris Brown, but love this song.)

Ukweli makes that look so good. Oh, man.

I honestly do not know why this show occasionally goes "WING TIME". I don't. There aren't always contextual reasons that have any kind of logic (beyond "Tom's enjoying himself. He has wiiiiings.") But it amuses the crap out of me.

"Bloody ow." :D :D :D

I really don't think Zak a) gives two hoots about the 'no intervention' rule, or b) knows the remits of being a lawyer.

I like Tom's waistcoat. ... is he allowed to kiss humans?

Snippy, bitchy Zak rears his rather lovely head again :D

Uh, Zak genuinely looks really upset by the idea of Tom getting with that girl. I am not sure I believe it's purely Fall related. This scene is the best. THE CRY-HUG. THE CRY-HUG. (I could find Zak's manpain annoying if Sam West weren't so damn amazing.)

It's kind of sweet that the odious old man who stole his best friend's wife and then tried to kill that guy got to see an angel before he died.

Nicely done on two counts: 1. We don't get to see Zak's previous body but we know he was Daniel. 2. Either Zak sees three leaf clovers as four leaf clovers because Mr Mountjoy is toying with him like a dick, OR, he felt a three leaf clover signified just as much luck and therefore gave it as a perfectly cromulent housewarming gift.

"Begins like a lion and ends like a lullaby. Can't fight the hangover." Is that a quote from something or is that just more great writing from Matthew?

I was totally expecting Zak to put more emphasis on 'them', then. If I were writing this show, there would have been.


Was the plot in this episode noticeably better than in others? It was slightly tighter, but no. There were many, many fantastic lines, however. And I was wrong, too, we got a lot of golden character stuff.

And next week: Richard continues to ship Zak/Richard. Tom continues to be an idiot. And Mr Mountjoy continues to punish Zak, from the looks of it.

I LOVE THIS SHOW. I am so sad it's over in 3 episodes. It is exactly the kind of show I need in my life.

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20th-Jan-2012 11:26 am (UTC)
This episode was the Zak/Tom episode. Next week is apparently the Richard/Zak episode (SEXY SEXY MESS). I approve of both of these things.

You know if we had a massive SGA-style fandom someone would write Mac/Joe. Like - that Mac broke Joe's heart because Joe thought Mac was going to steal him away from the marriage. Stuff like that. I'm not because even a young David Bradley is still David Bradley. *shudder*

The HUG got the DW gang aflail. It was just one of those defining moments, you know? I think things may go easier for Zak if he just admits that he loves EVERYBODY. Polyamory for EVERYONE!

I also loved that in the little bits of Richard we got he was being normal, really. A bit human in his motivations: bumping the charge because he knew the victim, recusing himself from the case and, yes, teasing Zak BY KNOWING HE WAS WATCHING (*files that away for ~things*) and showing off that he was carrying Hannah's stuff for her. <3

And re: Hannah I'm just going to c&p something I said over on DW. "And meanwhile poor Hannah is just trying to figure out this weird guy who goes hot and cold on her all the time and keeps looking at her all tearfully when he thinks she isn't looking and she thinks maybe he saved her life? but she doesn't know why she thinks that and she also thinks her boss has a thing for him, not that she blames him, but everything is so confusing and maybe she should've left York when the weird guy told her too because this is all very hard to deal with on top of a new job."

Also the bit where she kissed Zak on the cheek and Sam West did that lovely bit of business of leaning into it in such a way that showed his desperation before legging it. Argh. MY EMOTIONS.

This was the episode where I discovered just how blindingly I love EVERYONE when Richard is in the background and not distracting me.
20th-Jan-2012 12:03 pm (UTC)
Every episode has had a Zak/Tom moment. That is how it is inexplicably my ship (or not inexplicable AT ALL if you know me.) But the hug? Oh my yes, the hug. The cry-hug, no less. *flail*

... I would write Mac/Joe. I'm not going to, because I have somehow run out of time. But I would! I once wrote a fic like that about Buck Frobisher and Bob Fraser. That is how I roll.

It took you long enough to realise you love everyone, but I can understand, because Richard is very distracting. He looks amazing next week.

And YES to your thoughts on Hannah. She finds herself unnaturally drawn to this man who is properly, absolutely, insane. She can't explain it to herself! She thinks maybe Zak's brand of madness is contagious.

I need to make some more icons and then actually use them myself.

Edited at 2012-01-20 03:53 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
21st-Jan-2012 12:56 am (UTC)
Yes, that is what I basically meant after 'or'.

It's nuts how much I wholeheartedly adore this show.
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