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Living Loz
In this week's installment of Lawyers with Wings... 
13th-Jan-2012 02:35 pm
Loz Cola
Eternal Law 1.02 Liveblog

We open with a series of short scenes detailing everyday life, in which both Zak and Tom are adorkable idjuts. (I do find myself wondering why Zak is so bad with the iron, when, presumably, his shirts were well-ironed when he was in his last body?)

Also, the plot starts.

I did Mrs Sheringham a great disservice last time by not mentioning her. This wasn't fair, because she's quite interesting and she's also gorgeous.

These credits really are stunning. Aaaand we have another Ash episode.

Sam West's face is doing all kinds of things to me. His face.

Uh... Richard really doesn't seem all that evil in this scene.

Oh. Wait. Spoke too soon. Hahahaha.

Tom is so impressed with Zak, it's so sweet.

Zak and Richard, hahahahaha.

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley, this is all telling and no showing.

I can see how Zak would fall for Hannah. I love how fierce and fiercely intelligent she is.

Oh, Tom. You poor, misguided fool.

That was a fantastic tracking shot.

Ahah. Nice that we have a callback to one of the first scenes.

Okay, I know I am sounding a bit 'otp' about these two, but I kind of adore how handsy Zak is with Tom already. Including, but not limited to, his audacity in stealing Tom's toast.

OMG, Tobias Menzies. All the laughter in the world for that. Richard/Zak hatesex fic from people who are not me coming in 3, 2, 1...

Someone get this poor woman her mother back.

This kind of reversal is something that Ash does really, really well. Two conversations about one thing, all at cross-purposes with one another.

Hah, and now the subtext becoming text.

I would never, ever let a six year old kid go off on his own at the cricket to buy an ice cream. Parenting skills: u no haz it.

Oh. :( Mrs Sheringham's story is so tragic. But, it also means that Zak made a choice. He could have chosen to be mortal to be with Hannah. He didn't.

Ukweli Roach did an amazing job of keeping straightfaced at that. Also; Ashley, undercutting sentiment since he's been writing radioplays.

Terrible continuity editing with the ice creams.

I find it very hard to believe that a judge would make that pronouncement in this situation. I also don't think the decision can be turned around very easily once it's been made.

Okay, I am a total schmuck, but I am tearing up at this letter.

I don't think Hannah has been at all hysterical. Also, Hattie has the largest eyes.

I... er... I ship Zak/Hannah kind of a lot too. *headdesk* Ashley, writing relationships that fascinate me since 2006.

Sam West's twitching upper lip!

EEEEEEE! "You have to know this stuff." Okay, okay, I know I have been shipping them, but I also see and like a rather sweet brotherly friendship between these two.

Ah. Not as much of a choice as you'd hope, then. Poor Zak.


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13th-Jan-2012 05:09 am (UTC)
*averts eyes and skips down to the Comments section*

OK, I haven't seen this ep yet, so I want to ask a couple of very general, non-spoilery questions. Was it good? Is the series developing nicely? No sign of feather mange, I hope?
13th-Jan-2012 05:09 am (UTC)
If you liked the first episode, I can't see you disliking this one.

I enjoyed it!
(Deleted comment)
13th-Jan-2012 09:20 am (UTC)
I think part of it was that it built more on the characters, but it wasn't expositiony out the wazoo.

I have to admit, Richard pretty much embodies my favourite kind of villain. I have crazy amounts of love for vaudevillian style evilness, and Tobias Menzies is killing it. There is just the right kind of ambiguity and subtlety to him so that he isn't unbearably one-dimensional, but also great degrees of that over-the-topness that I enjoy immensely.

Zak is hitting ALL my kinks at the moment. He is all soppy-stern and it makes my heart flutter. Pair that with his dorkiness and I am sold (also: Sam West's faaaaace.)
13th-Jan-2012 12:11 pm (UTC)
I reiterate my viewpoint that Tobias Menzies never got the memo about rolling back on the bisexiness. And I love him for that. FIrst episode: clearly checking Tom out and pulling Zak's pigtails. Second episode: zeroing in on Zak in the best way ever. I love you, Richard, you are absolutely perfect.

(I've also noticed that they pull some cool camera tricks with him that add to the delicious feel around his scenes. It's quite a beautiful shot show.)

The cricket stuff thrilled me to pieces (even if Yorks are the closest thing to local rivals Durham have) and I forsee cricket!fic in my future.

I love that they make an effort to showing the angels' wonder at our planet too - even Zak has his moments, like with the adoption lady at the end, where he's all smiles and wonder.

Tom I just want to roll up into a ball and keep forever and ever and ever. He's walking a really good line between too much curiosity and not enough and walking it very well. I will be watching Ukweli Roach's career with great interest.

In conclusion: I am in the process of writing Richard!fic which, although being about him shagging a bunch of random humans across history, appears to be more about his ~feelings for Zak than anything. Much to his dismay.
13th-Jan-2012 12:35 pm (UTC)
Total agreement on Tobias Menzies. I will not get into how that trope sometimes makes me annoyed, because I do not want this to be a show I critique, but let me just say that whilst I don't like Torchwood, I appreciate Jack Harkness for being a pansexual character who is not evil.

The camera work in this show is so great. I love Shergold's stuff, it never overplays the gimmicky shots, but it isn't staid and boring.

I love all the characters. Every single one.
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