Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Fic rec...

This fic, you guys. THIS FIC.

When Moving Through Kashmir, by lacidiana, Life on Mars, Gen, Dark, 4304 words.
Warning: Character death.
Summary: Sam's world collapses around them.

It will leave you breathless, turn your heart inside-out. It will gut you. But it will have been well worth it.

Excerpt: It dawns on Gene as he stares out the windshield, wipers moving back and forth against the ash. There should be bodies -- no, there should be living -- proper living, like children on streets and beggars on sidewalks, or bent military bastards running about like little Hitlers. There should be martial law and painted symbols; fights and theft and ration lines; despair and hope in unequal measures. There should be people.

It is just: this. The portrayal of these characters is perfection, and the idea extraordinarily plausible, and there's an eerie lyricism that works too well. It is beautiful.
Tags: fandom, life on mars, recs

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