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Aye, I

Today I had my first class for Autobiographical Writings. We're going to be looking at issues present within Autobiography, reading such works by writers like Clive James and Sylvia Plath and also writing some autobiographical pieces ourselves!

From the outset this suits me to a tee. I'm all about this sort of writing. I love to write in the first person, and I love to write about myself.

Today we talked about the "self", metaphors for "self" and "identity" and life. Some common metaphors are trees, rivers, the moon, houses and onions. It was really interesting. We then had 10 minutes to write our own metaphor for ourselves or our lives. Anyway, this is obviously something I've thought about but never consciously acknowledged to myself because this immediately sprang to mind.

My "self" Metaphor

I am a pencilcase. Full of useful odds and ends. The kind you take to the first day of Secondary School with anticipation of almost every eventuality. There's the graphite pencil sharpened to a point - the symbol of stubborn determination. That is unless you've forgotten to pack the pencil sharpener - motivation and incentive. Felt tip pens are interests and personality traits, many different colours, strong and bright, colouring up any task until they eventually run out. The glue stick - obsession, liable to stick to many things and bonds for a strong yet possibly temporary hold.

Paperclips are conceptions of people that are cared for and which link important facets of life together. Memories are coloured pencils, a myriad of shades, fading over time. The eraser is the coloured pencil remover, yet some memory is always left behind. The ballpoint pen, fluid and useful, most used of all implements, is language and communication.

The list goes on, aspects of character, a hotpotch of items made of different materials for different purposes. In the end these objects are scattered on the table and you realise you forgot to pack the highlighter. All that remains of the pencilcase is the case itself, a hollow vessel with a name written on the front. Laura.


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