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Titles are becoming difficult to come up with!

So, we're going to the Wood Show today. It shall have wood. And stuff on show?

It's for my Dad.

Also, someone on IMDb's claiming Jason Marsden's email address linked to on his site is not his real email, so I've mailed him at a different addy which I know is his and I'm awaiting the result. If he doesn't reply I think I'm pretty much finished with my fan love of Jason. I've moved on from Jason worship, to the point of no return. If he was just in a new show or film I could watch - you know - something tangible. It feels so weird writing this. I've been a Jason fan for... 6 years?! It's a strange part of me. Sort of a "if I wasn't a Jason fan, who would I be?" type situation. 6 years doesn't seem that long, but the first three years were basically spent in non-stop Jason contemplation. That's fairly pathetic, but true. Being a Jason fan really made my teenage years worthwhile.

If he replies there's going to be a "woooooooo I love love love Jason" post. I know it to be true.

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