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12th-Sep-2024 12:00 pm - Friends Only
Hot Fuzz 4 (Angel/Danny Fight the Good F

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23rd-Jul-2014 06:39 pm - Song lyric title, or witty pun?..
Loz Cola
Things I have done in June and July:

1. Most of the time I have followed my self-prescribed routine, although lately sleep has been difficult again. I'm back at school after a leisurely 2 week break, so it's probably stress keeping me awake. As soon as I settle back into school and work on some behaviour management stuff with my students, exhaustion will take over.

2. I've been trying for a year and a half to kick my coke zero habit, so, I may only have one can a day. This works until the weekend, at which point I'm a flake.

3. In attempting to stop drinking soft drink, I have bought a metric butt-tonne of tea! A specialist order came today with such tea titles as: terrific toffee (which I just had a cup of, and which was delicious), Adelaide breakfast, orange zing and morning red. I already have my favourite english breakfast and a few fruit tisanes.

4. Cauliflower crust pizza. That's the entire dotpoint. Cauliflower crust pizza. Pizza on a crust of cauliflower! When I finally discover how to stop it sticking at all as opposed to half the time, I'll be ecstatic.

5. I wrote a fic and completely changed the ending from that which I had originally intended, because I couldn't do it to the characters or the readers. I couldn't do it at all. I felt physically ill and headachey at the idea of ending it the way I thought I would. I think I've become a soft touch. I almost can't believe I ever wrote Palimpsest, Keep Me Hanging On or Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes. I can't end on tragedy, ambiguity or bittersweetness anymore, it seems. I'm trying to decide if this is a good or bad thing.
23rd-Apr-2014 09:56 pm - Ow ow ow ow ow...
Loz Cola
My older brother bought a place of his own, so for the first time in a year I have my house all to myself again. It is awesome. \o/

My parents and I helped him move yesterday and today I am in so much pain, it's incredible. I feel like I've been placed through a meat grinder. I also really, really want to drink some coke zero. I've been trying hard to quit soft drink, but damn, my body keeps telling me I shouldn't. I don't like the taste of coffee and my body wants caffeine.
13th-Apr-2014 04:19 pm - A small drop in an ocean...
Loz Cola
In one of the rambling conversations we managed to have last week, Lovely M recommended that I listen to the first episode of Wil Anderson's podcast Wilosophy. I absolutely love the Gruen shows Anderson hosts and I went to see him live at the Adelaide Fringe, but I have listened to parts of Anderson's other podcast TOFOP, and didn't really find it something I wanted to put any effort into listening to again. This episode of Wilosophy with Todd Sampson was really interesting, however, so I'm glad I followed Lovely M's advice.

(I recommended Warhorses of Letters to M. I immediately regretted it, although he must surely know I have an odd sense of humour by now. I have offered to murder for him multiple times in the last couple of years.)

One thing that Wil Anderson and Todd Sampson talked about was this idea of everyone having 5 or 10 people who have influenced them so strongly that their lives will never be the same again. Todd called them 'nodes'. These might not even be people they know, but their impact has been indelible. Todd initially talked about it as being a positive experience, but Wil then pointed out that sometimes it can be a negative one. So it got me thinking --- who would be those people for me? Will I ever be that person for someone else? Have I already been that person and don't know it? As a teacher, aren't I automatically in a place where I have the potential to influence, inspire and connect people to possibilities they may never have thought of before? I've always thought of myself as ultimately inconsequential and insignificant, but I feel like some of the people who are my nodes could have thought of themselves as ultimately inconsequential and insignificant too, which is a fascinating thought --- just what unknown impact will I have?
12th-Apr-2014 12:12 am - Things in the life of Loz...
Loz Cola
1. I have started my new T-shirt collection. It is aces. And 17 t-shirts strong already. I'm very proud of myself. I actually rebought three of the tees I had before, because I love them so much.

2. I've been expanding my musical repertoire, thanks in part to walking and needing to have a wider array of things to listen to. I'm really in love with Stromae, Mø, Sivu, Autoheart, and a near-monthly compilation of indie rock songs that frequently delivers tracks that are awesome to walk and drive to. But I'll always come back to this song. (This version is possibly my most favourite. Yeah. I mean, I miss Steven's voice in it, because his is one of my favourite ever voices, but the simplicity and yet beauty of this gets me. Plus, it's Bruce. Bruce is the best.)

3. I am on Easter holidays for two weeks. I really enjoy my new class most of the time and I don't have major behaviour issues with them at all, but boy did we all need this break.

4. I bought myself a slow cooker and it is wonderful. The smell of a delicious dinner awaiting me when I get home from work is joy making. I've still been making different cakes/sweet things each month. This month was jam doughnuts. The first go was an unmitigated disaster, but I wasn't going to let myself be defeated, so I went for another recipe, and gosh, the next batch turned out perfectly.

5. Under the cut you'll find discussion of weight loss, body image issues, me rolling my eyes about fatphobia, and some reflection. New "Improved" Recipe Loz: now with added spice...Collapse )
Loz Cola
Nothing in particular has been happening in my life this year. Still walking, still watching.
24th-Jan-2014 07:27 am - Too cool for school...
Loz Cola
I'm back at school! Things aren't the smoothest they could be. We've had a major technological meltdown which is causing several of my colleagues troubles and strife. I feel wholly unprepared for a new lot of little monsters. But! It should be an interesting and rewarding year.
Loz Cola
Some of you may remember that I won a competition through ASOS. The dress I won arrived today, so naturally I had to pose.

I'm a mmm model, you know what I mean...Collapse )
7th-Jan-2014 09:20 pm - A Phenomenon When You Came Along
Loz Cola
I don't think I remembered to post this here.

Title: A Phenomenon When You Came Along
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Word Count: 17,366 words.
Rating: Explicit
Pairing/Notes: Scott/Stiles. I named this after a line from the Katy Perry song ‘Double Rainbow’. I continue to have no regrets. Thank you to my dearest snoopypez, who was a sounding board, an Ameri-picker, and a generally awesome cheerleader and beta.
Tags: Road Trips, Disney World & Disneyland, Friends to Lovers, Sharing a Bed, Growing Up, Fluff, Panic Attacks, References, Loss of Virginity, POV Stiles
Summary: Stiles and Scott embark on a road trip together. This isn't a metaphor (except for how it is.)
“It’s okay, I’m good.”

“Yeah, you’re the best,” Scott replies automatically.

It’s one of their stock phrases, something they’ve said since childhood --- as natural to them as their ability to communicate through eyebrow-raises, their super-secret handshake and their unending loyalty to one another, but Stiles thought they’d retired it when they were fifteen, so he glances at Scott quickly.

“Sometimes I think we’ve forgotten how to be us and then you say something, or look at me a certain way, and it all comes back.”

A Phenomenon When You Came Along
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